About Supply Chain Value Network

Supply Chain value Network (SCVN) exists to enable high-quality affordable care, delivering an unbreakable link between cost, quality and outcomes.


What is SCVN’s Strategic Plan?   

  • SCVN collaborates with selected partners to deliver superior supply chain services.
  • SCVN focuses on regional agreements where national GPOs are unable to deliver the highest value.
  • SCVN’s short term strategic plan is to build the Value Network by inviting and engaging with select members and suppliers.
  • SCVN’s long term strategic plan is to expand the Value Network by collaborating on supply chain best practices and developing dashboards.


Does SCVN compete with the larger national GPOs?


  • SCVN is GPO agnostic. SCVN is a separate venture, and is not intended to be a replacement or competitor of the larger, national GPOs. SCVN intends to be a compliment rather than a replacement in an organization’s supply chain contracting portfolio.
  • SCVN is different. As the healthcare climate continues to change, healthcare supply chain needs to change as well. Collaboration across the healthcare supply chain spectrum is a requirement in order to survive. SCVN consists of healthcare supply chain leaders with extensive experience and expertise committed to providing value for the organizations we serve.